Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More Inappropriate Behavior

Yesterday, in my email, I received several notices from Twitter that read:
“(name) has a direct message for you. (name) uses TrueTwit validation service. To validate click here:” and lists a web address. Once, I actually went along with this stupid, pointless service, but I got so frustrated that I didn’t finish the set-up. What this means is that you HAVE to use TrueTwit or you can’t read the message. It’s, in my opinion, a scam, and I will not do it.

If you use this stupid service, don’t bother sending me any messages, because I will not respond. And I will likely unfollow you, as well.

I believe, if you use TrueTwit, then you live up to that name: You are a True Twit.

Another irritation and puzzler to me is ChristianMingle.com. Of course, I am an outspoken Atheist, but aside from that, I find this service truly puzzling. Its slogan is something like, “Find God’s match.” Assuming you are a Christian, isn’t using a computerized dating site the opposite of “God’s match?” Unless you believe God lives inside a computer. If you were really looking for God’s match, wouldn’t you just meet him/her somewhere in person… naturally? Think about it.

I’ve noticed lately that there is a huge “mustache” craze these days. People make and sell all sorts of mustache items, and have mustache parties for their children. I find this bizarre and kind of disturbing, on many levels.

There are many articles and posts about it online, some wondering where the mustache craze started. Some say it started with PETA, some have other ideas, and I find it amazing that everyone thinks they know the answer, and I don’t think any of them are correct. I do think it’s a stupid craze and I hope it ends soon, especially since it’s being used for children’s birthdays.

The real origin comes from the 70s/early 80s, but it wasn’t labeled as simply a mustache. It was called a “mustache ride” and is, in fact, a symbol of cunnilingus, or in simpler terms, oral sex performed by a man on a woman.

The more modern use as a decoration was probably at an adult’s party, as a joke, and sadly, it spread like wildfire by misinformed people who didn’t know what it meant.

So, if you are using or collecting “mustache” items, the joke is on you.


  1. Loved the true twit thing is a bit pointless, if you get spammed just ignore it and make twitter a smooth service it is supposed to be. I'm with you i'll be un-following any true twit users :-)


  2. Thanks, James! I agree, there isn't any point in even tweeting about it, since they probably don't even see the comments. It's just one of life's little irritations.

    And thanks for reading my blog!!! At least I know someone is! :D

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  5. Welcome new followers! Thanks for visiting me. I'll follow back.