Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Help Needed

I'm kind of writing this in a hurry, am at the library using the internet, since my own internet is now down for who knows how long. I use a neighbor's wireless, but they decided not to share anymore, so it's just the library for me now.

I don't like to share my personal problems, try to get things taken care of on my own. I am private about some things, but I need help.

I haven't had much income for the past several years, some of you know I have been trying to get SSI, as it's pretty much impossible for me to work. I have numbness in my hands, back pain, breathing problems, and more. I just found out I have another serious health matter, and I can't deal with it with no money. I need monthly help with expenses, such as personal care things and just general living expenses. Plus I need to move to a safer apartment. I am waiting for an apartment to open in a low-income senior/disabled building, so it's just a matter of time. I am moving higher on the waiting list and expect to move within the next few months. I need help paying the deposit and for moving expenses.

I will try to write a better statement or start a blog specific to my issues, but until I can do that, this is it.  Please don't let my hastiness keep you from helping. Anything you can offer is so much appreciated!

Thank You!!!!