Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hypocrisy of Pets

I was viewing my Facebook page, where I get postings from United Atheists of America. The UAA posts funny pictures and lots of info that is of interest to Atheists. They often post things about how ridiculous the religious people are about things like birth control and abortion. Then, a few minutes later, on the TV was a commercial about spaying and neutering kittens and puppies. And something occurred to me...

We know the religious people are against abortion and birth control. So do they feel the same way about spaying and neutering pets? I wonder about this now. Are the religious people OK about birth control for animals but not people? That is sort of hypocritical, isn't it? Or is it that they really don't believe in neutering pets? And the overpopulation of cats and dogs, and the impending deaths because there aren't enough people or shelters to care for them... Are the religious zealots the main cause of it?

In my opinion, it has to be one or the other. Are religious people hypocrites or the source of pet overpopulation? Well, we all know the religions are all hypocritical. I think the answer is they are probably both: Hypocrites and  irresponsible.

Just something for you to think about.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More Inappropriate Behavior

Yesterday, in my email, I received several notices from Twitter that read:
“(name) has a direct message for you. (name) uses TrueTwit validation service. To validate click here:” and lists a web address. Once, I actually went along with this stupid, pointless service, but I got so frustrated that I didn’t finish the set-up. What this means is that you HAVE to use TrueTwit or you can’t read the message. It’s, in my opinion, a scam, and I will not do it.

If you use this stupid service, don’t bother sending me any messages, because I will not respond. And I will likely unfollow you, as well.

I believe, if you use TrueTwit, then you live up to that name: You are a True Twit.

Another irritation and puzzler to me is Of course, I am an outspoken Atheist, but aside from that, I find this service truly puzzling. Its slogan is something like, “Find God’s match.” Assuming you are a Christian, isn’t using a computerized dating site the opposite of “God’s match?” Unless you believe God lives inside a computer. If you were really looking for God’s match, wouldn’t you just meet him/her somewhere in person… naturally? Think about it.

I’ve noticed lately that there is a huge “mustache” craze these days. People make and sell all sorts of mustache items, and have mustache parties for their children. I find this bizarre and kind of disturbing, on many levels.

There are many articles and posts about it online, some wondering where the mustache craze started. Some say it started with PETA, some have other ideas, and I find it amazing that everyone thinks they know the answer, and I don’t think any of them are correct. I do think it’s a stupid craze and I hope it ends soon, especially since it’s being used for children’s birthdays.

The real origin comes from the 70s/early 80s, but it wasn’t labeled as simply a mustache. It was called a “mustache ride” and is, in fact, a symbol of cunnilingus, or in simpler terms, oral sex performed by a man on a woman.

The more modern use as a decoration was probably at an adult’s party, as a joke, and sadly, it spread like wildfire by misinformed people who didn’t know what it meant.

So, if you are using or collecting “mustache” items, the joke is on you.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Inappropriate Behavior

Today’s posts are about gripes, irritations and inappropriateness. I decided to break it into two posts, instead of one really long one.

I’m trying to get new followers to my blogs, so I follow a lot of other blogs. It’s a networking thing and I actually like some of them and have a few new friends who are other bloggers. And a lot of the blogs have giveaways which require a person to like their blog, follow on Twitter and Pinterest, like on FaceBook, etc. in order to enter. For the most part, I don’t mind doing the following and liking, but sometimes I run across extremely inappropriate content. Some examples are nude pictures on Pinterest (against the terms of service) and the blogger I’m writing about. I won’t list her name or blog.

I haven’t spent much time reading her actual blog, but she posts literally dozens of times a day on FaceBook. That’s her prerogative, no harm in that, but the content is often not really appropriate for FB. Today’s posts included specifics of very personal aspects of pregnancy, which included rectal fissures, nipple leakage, etc. I sent her an email suggesting it was more appropriate to post personal medical details in a blog, but not on FB. I was nice about it, as I usually am. I didn’t post it directly on her page, as I didn’t want to embarrass her. I thought she must be in her early twenties, young and inexperienced, and didn’t know that some things are better left to more private pages. But, sadly, she is actually in her thirties.

This is the email response she sent:

I appreciate the feedback.
If the FB Followers don't like it then they can simply "unlike" the page. Matter of fact, if it bothers you, you can unlike as well. I can't believe you took the time to send me this email, though it did give me a good laugh.
That's the great thing about FB, I can post what I like no matter who likes it or not. But comparing our pages (yours and mine), it seems people aren't too bothered with what I post. Maybe you should try it sometime. I don't mean to criticize though.

I didn’t change a word of it or change the spelling and grammatical errors. I’m honestly puzzled about the last two sentences. I have no idea what she’s trying to say.  Maybe I should try not to make any sense? No, I think I don’t need any advice about making sense from her. She also posted to her FB page about how I had written to her:

LMAO!!! I seriously just had another "blogger" (not really much of one) send me an email saying I shouldn't post about breastfeeding and such because people don't want to see that on FB. She didn't want to criticize though as she likes some of my posts. I should just post the breastfeeding type questions on my blog and not FB. I was going to call her out, but I don't want to give her page any attention. Her 300 fans are enough for her to handle.

Well, that isn’t exactly what I said, but let’s skip ahead. My 300 fans? Are you serious? I actually don’t have 300 fans on FB, since that is my PERSONAL page. Those are not people who like me: Those are people and pages that I like. The fact that she doesn’t even know the difference makes me LMAO!

Oh, that reminds me, I need to update my FB “about” page. I haven’t listed my new blogs. And I’m actually new to blogging in a more professional forum (been blogging for less than two years total). I’ve only taken it seriously for a few months. My bloggy buddies have been giving me a crash course, and trust me, there is so much more involved than most people realize, if you really want to make a go of it. So, no, my blogs don’t have many followers yet, but since I just started, I wouldn’t expect to have more followers. I think she shouldn’t confuse new blogger with new writer.

OK, enough of Miss Misinformed…

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blog Hopping

Welcome new followers!

Isn't blog hopping great? Getting a chance to view others' blogs and having them visit you... It's fun getting to meet new friends. I have run into an issue, though. Maybe some of you will have insight or ideas about it...

Many people sign up on the blog hops/linky parties, but when I get to their page, they have either no way to follow them, or only offer one method of follow, such as the RSS feed. The problem is that I can't possibly read all the RSS/emails that come into my mail box, so unless I really connect with a blog/blogger, I just can't sign up for more feeds. I'm sure there are others who feel the same way. I already subscribe to about a dozen feeds and would go crazy if I had more to read each day! 

I prefer GFC or Linky, or Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest. Just really something to think about for those who only have one method of following.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Arts and Arts Education Funding

I received in my email today a message from Americans For The Arts Action Fund regarding the Presidential Candidates' intended funding for Arts. I think it's very interesting. I find it appalling that Romney can't see how important The Arts and arts education is to America. Arts and Humanities is one of the most fundamental aspects of being human. It's what inspires us, gives us creativity, and expression. If the budget for The National Endowment For The Arts is eliminated or even cut, we will lose so much as humans. Please take this into consideration when casting your ballots in the upcoming Presidential Election.

 I can't post the chart here, as it's protected, but here is a link to the chart.

2012 Presidential Candidates Arts Positions


Welcome to my new blog!

I'm not new to blogging, but am starting this new blog since I needed a more personal outlet for my opinions and observations. It's always a bit strange when starting a new blog that has zero followers. It's like spending an hour on stage, pouring your heart into a monologue and realizing the theater is completely empty. But we all have to start somewhere, don't we? I think later today I will rework some of my posts from previous blogs, just to get something on paper... er, screen. But for now, Happy November! Oh! It's Day of the Dead, isn't it? Well, then, Happy Day of the Dead!

I was playing around with the Day of the Dead effects on PicMonkey.  If I were a skeleton, I might look like this.